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12. responsible consumption and production

In Germany the consumption of take-away, convenience and delivery food & drinks is responsible for about 281 kilotons of single-use packaging waste for immediate consumption and is growing at double digit rates. Most of the time, To-Go food containers, snack boxes or coffee cups have a very short life-span of only 30 minutes after which they are tossed into trash (or litter parks, beaches & the ocean). This is not only a giant waste of economic resources as each single use costs between 15 and up to 0,60€ for a stable bowl/box with a lid. It is a horrendous waste of environmental resources (wood, water, crude oil, metals & energy) that are used to produce this packaging. Therefore, a single use packaging not weighing more than 30 grams can easily come with an ecological backpack of more than 8 kilograms when taking into account all the resources used in production (material intensities taken from Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy).
Cologne, Germany
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